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October 4 through 7, 2018

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4-Night Packages

October 4th thru 7th, 2018


ALL PACKAGES START AT $1,250 per person

The Entry Level Package includes a standard room and seating in the Bronze (general admission) section. All rooms include a per room $1,500 resort credit.

Seating Upgrade Prices

Upgrade from general admission Bronze to any one of the following sections. Prices are per person.


General Admission
+ $0


Reserved Seating

+ $350


Reserved Seating

+ $650


Cabaret Seating

+ $1,000

Room Upgrade Prices

With the entry level Bronze package, you will receive the best available bed type (king or double) and room location upon check-in.

Room upgrades allow you to guarantee your bed type, as well as building location. Prices shown per person.


+ $0


King or Double Bed Selection
Building Selection
1st or 2nd Floor Selection
+ $250


King Bed (only)
3rd Floor Room
Single Rooftop Terrace

+ $500

Double Rooftop Terrace

+ $750


Oceanfront 1 Bedroom
King Bed (only)
Living Room
Large Terrace
Add 2nd Bedroom
+ $2,000
Add Rooftop Terrace
+ $3,000

Payment Options


Pay in Full


Pay in full and we will waive the $75 per person Service Fees! This is during the Pre-Sale ONLY and will not be available at any later date. In addition to the Service Fee savings, you will also save on any additional Payment Plan fees. That equals a savings of $300 on basic Bronze Package for 2 people and $700 savings on a Platinum Package for 4 people!

Payment Plans


We are pleased to offer Monthly Payment Plans. All that is required is a minimum deposit of $250 per person on 4 night packages, and $350 per person on 7 night packages. The remaining balance will be divided equally over 11 months with the first installment due October 1st. Payment plan financing fees vary based on the number of guests per room: $150 for double; $200 for triple; and $300 for quad. Platinum Packages require a $500 per person minimum deposit and are subject to a $400 financing fee. An additional fee of $100 will be applied when splitting a monthly payment plan with another guest (i.e. multiple credit cards). Additional details can be reviewed in the Terms and Conditions prior to check-out.

Other Costs


A service fee of $75 per person will be added to the overall package price.

Ground transportation and flights are purchased separately.

Additional Nights


Additional room nights will be available after the event goes on sale to the general public and can be added to your package. Please note that there will be NO pre-event nights available on the 4-night packages, since they fall within the 7-night package dates. However, you may add pre-nights to the 7-night package and post night to both 4-night and 7-night packages.

Refund Policy


All payments are final. No refunds or cancellations.